History :
Parsian Hospital is located in a land area of ​​about 5000 square meters in 9 floors with a 12500 square meter subsurface in Sa'adat Abad district of Tehran. The process of its construction began in 1381 and started with the efforts of respectable authorities in October 2006 and after accreditation in 1396, it has a grade 1 rating with 202 beds. The hospital has all medical and specialized specializations (including intensive care units, neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), angioplasty and hospitalization departments, international patients (IPDs) with all facilities, clinics, emergency rooms, operating rooms , Angiography, laboratory, imaging, physiotherapy, audiometry, dentistry, endoscopy, colonoscopy, pharmacy, etc.).

Agent Manager Message :
While appreciating the personnel of Parsian Hospital and all colleagues in different units, in hopes of achieving the goals of the hospital, it is hoped to study the strategic plan provided by the executive management team and the Office for the Improvement of Quality at the age of 3 years and on the other hand Guidance for new staffing personnel in order to achieve the goals of high-level accreditation and quality improvement system, which is to raise the level of quality improvement and safety of clinical services and satisfaction of patients and all respectable clients and colleagues.